About Us
Foong Yip Enterprise (FYE), founded in 1994 by Yew Sai Sam and Yew Sai Keong, is a manufacturer of noise and vibration control (abatement/mitigation) systems for marine, industrial and architectural industries. Our products and services include acoustical equipment and manufacturing custom silencer, enclosures or any custom applications according to customer requirements. We also provide lighting tower, mobile generating sets, acoustic equipment, gas generator, and diesel generator.

During the 23 years in this business, we have encountered virtual type of noise problem imaginable. Over the years, we have developed an extensive experience, knowledge and professional skills such as installation, repairing & maintanence services to meet customer satisfaction.

In 2011, we established a subsidiary company named FYE Power Generator Supplies (FPGS), specialized offers generator set, engineering works as well as assisting customers in DOE (Department of Environment) application and submission for power generator. Nevertheless, in 2015, we officially closed our subsidiary company (FPGS) and established a new subsidiary company named Foong Yip International Sdn. Bhd. in order to expanding our business into international market.

Products & Services

Range of Services: Products supply, consulting, measuring, monitoring, designing, fabricating, maintaining, repairing, installation and DOE application and submission.

We offer a range of products related to all aspect of noise control:

Acoustical Equipment
Custom Silencer
  • Acoustic Enclosure
  • Acoustic Canopy
  • Acoustic Door
  • Acoustic Louvers
  • Acoustic Panels
  • Acoustic Barriers
  • Discharge Silencer
  • Intake Silencer
  • Exhaust Silencer
  • Duct Silencer
  • Circular Silencer
  • Generator Set (10KVA -4000KVA)
  • Spare Parts
  • Audiometric Room
  • Air-condition
  • Variety Enclosures
  • Any Custom Applications

Noise and Vibration Control Systems

What is Noise and Vibration Control Systems?
Noise control system is a set of strategies to reduce noise pollution or the impact of the noise, whether outdoor or indoor. Noise control plays a critical role in industry, commercial, architectural solutions (apartments, condominiums, hospitals, hotels, etc.) which can mitigate and sets maximum noise levels for the environment.

Vibrations have to be suppressed or reduced, as they may be harmful to structures by generating damages or compromise the comfort of users through noise generation of mechanical wave transmission to the body. Vibration control system is a sets of technical to control and mitigate or limiting the mechanical noise.

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